How to Win in Mostbet – Predictions, Tips, and Tricks

Updated 02.01.2024

In the long term, up to 20% of customers win at And this is one of the highest rates among betting offices in India. The reason why players lose money is their lack of understanding of the basic principles of sports betting. Most bettors bet chaotically without using strategy, tactics, and deposit control. The stability of winnings is determined by experience and the player’s ability to use additional tools to predict the results. If you want to be among that same 20%, check out the material below. Here are tips from experienced players for novice bettors and auxiliary tools to make prediction easier.

Predictions for Mostbet or how to win

Mostbet Betting Tips for Beginners

Luck works in sports betting only in the short term. Don’t rely on luck if you want to make a steady profit over a long period. Those customers who continually learn and improve their sports betting skills win at Mostbet.

Consider 4 tips for betting in Mostbet from experienced bettors, which they recommend using for beginners:

  • Use one sport for prediction and betting. For a more substantial effect, work with 1-2 teams. Bet only on the selected teams of the same championship. Regularly follow the news, watch the lineups, and study the mood of each participant for the upcoming game. It is the only way to focus and achieve the necessary level of expertise in one direction.
  • Choose a strategy – the rules that determine the user’s behavior when predicting the results and betting on sports matches. The right tactic guarantees profits in the long term. The strategy simplifies the decision by forcing the bettor to follow the prescribed rules. A few popular strategy variants are presented below.
  • Properly manage the funds on the deposit. Money management rules are part of the overall strategy. So determine the limits at which you stop or increase the amount of bets. There are many ready-made money management rules for gambling on the Internet. Choose the right one for your primary strategy.
  • Minimize your risks. Use outcomes with two choices of results. For example, Total, Handicap, Double Chance, Both teams to score, etc. For different sports, this list will be other. When choosing these types of outcomes, the probability of winning in the long term increases several times.

Mostbet Winning Tricks

Dozens of tools and services increase the effectiveness of sports prediction. Professional bettors use them all the time. Some of these tools are allowed for use in Mostbet. Other services violate the rules of the bookmaker’s company and are therefore prohibited. In either case, the responsibility for the use of any additional tools is on the user.

All additional tools can be divided into several groups:

  • Strategies;
  • Services of sports analytics;
  • Predictions;
  • Surebets scanners;
  • Hack software.

Betting Strategies

The bettor’s profit margin largely depends on the choice of gaming strategy. It is the best tool to win money in the long term. At the same time, the rules of Mostbet are not forbidden to use of any sports betting strategy. The player can choose any tactic on the Internet and apply it in practice. Below you can find 3 strategies for sports betting as an example. If you need strategies for the casino, we recommend reading the article about games in Mostbet.

Betting StrategyRules
European system  
  1. The size of the first bet is 5% of the deposit. In case of total failure, the amount on the account should be enough for 12 bets.
  2. In case of losing, the size of the next bet is increased by the amount of the previous bet.
  3. For each new bet, select an outcome with odds higher than the previous one by 0,2-0,3.
  4. The series lasts 10 bets in a row:
  • From the 1st to the 4th, use outcomes such as Loss/Win, Total, Both teams to score, Handicap;
  • From 5 to 10, select outcomes such as winning the match’s favorite, Asian Handicap, and Game statistics.

Increase the deposit in stages. For any next bet, add the amount of profit from the previous bet:

  1. Select the amount of deposit increment you wish to achieve in one series. For example, from 30 000 rupees to 40000 rupees.
  2. Set a fixed amount for the first bet. For example, 1,500 rupees.
  3. For bets select outcomes with odds from 1,4 to 1,8.
  4. The type of bet – Single.
  5. After any winning select outcomes with smaller odds.
  6. The series is considered completed after reaching the previously set monetary goal.
Classic System
  1. Type of bet – System.
  2. The number of outcomes in the coupon is 5.
  3. Use outcomes with odds higher than 1.9.
  4. The choice of events is made based on its analysis and analytics.
Betting on 0-0 in the first halfFor betting, use soccer matches of weak championships. Eastern European and South American leagues are ideal. Look for matches of teams that score low goals throughout the championship. Also, pay attention to the weather at the time of the match – the worse the weather, the fewer soccer goals are scored. Heavy rain is ideal. The minimum odds for a 0-0 score in the first half is at least 3.5. It allows you to make a profit even with three wrong predictions.
Betting on a late goalThe strategy is used in soccer matches. A bet is made on a goal scored after 80 minutes. Live bets are used. In this case, after the 80th minute, the odds on a goal goes up to 2.00. It is necessary to bet on matches that meet the following criteria:
  • There are many scoring chances of both teams in the game.
  • The game is about equal – there is no clear favorite.
  • After 75 minutes the coach has renewed the line-up – has let in the additional forward.
  • The most predictable total was not played in the match.
In addition, there are many soccer teams that consistently score at the end of the match.

Sports Analytics Services

A vast number of websites with statistics and analyses of sports events. Databases are filled with statistical indicators on teams, championships, and countries. These sites also provide the latest news and ready-made analytics on upcoming games. Most resources distribute information for free because they earn money through affiliate programs such as Mostbet Partners.

Use ready-made statistics and analytics to make your predictions. It is free and not forbidden by Mostbet’s rules. Here are the TOP 10 websites with detailed stats for different sports:

  • Sfstats;
  • Betting Insider;
  • Betexplorer;
  • Grimbets;
  • Oddsportal;
  • LiveScore;
  • Positive-Bet;
  • Hot-odds;
  • Scoreboard;
  • Scoresway.
TOP 10 websites with sport analytics for Mostbet


If you want to get a ready-made prediction for Mostbet, you can use several types of tools:

  • Prediction sites;
  • Personal prediction services;
  • Specialized software.

Sites offer both free and paid forecasts. You can use them to test your analysis. Free predictions are of low quality. Paid forecasts are more reliable, but they should still be tested before purchase. Top 10 best sites to find predictions:

  • Betgenuine;
  • Onlinecricketbetting;
  • Cricketbetting;
  • Sportsadda;
  • Betshoot;
  • Thetopbookies;
  • Footballgroundguide;
  • Footballpredictions;
  • Freesupertips;
  • Tips180.
Sites with predictions for Mostbet

The most effective is to use the services of a personal predictor for Mostbet. The advantage of this method of getting predictions is that a particular person is responsible for the results. The services are much more expensive than the paid websites’ forecasts. But the efficiency may be dozens of percent different. You can find the predictors on thematic forums and those websites with forecasts. At the same time, it is important to get contacts for direct communication, which is not always allowed by these services.

Another option for getting predictions is using specialized software. The software’s advantage is processing a vast amount of data, which a forecaster cannot do physically. The programs’ functions are different. They can show the most probable outcome, find the best odds among hundreds of bookmakers, search for news about a particular match, show the volume of bets, etc. All betting programs are paid, but some provide a demo period.

Top 9 Prediction Software at Mostbet:

  • OddsBoom;
  • OddsJam;
  • Breaking Bet;
  • RebelBetting;
  • Surebet;
  • StatisticSports;
  • ArbMate;
  • PlayThePercentage;
  • BetBurger.
Prediction software for Mostbet

Surebets Scanners

Many players use Surebets to get a guaranteed profit. This concept means a situation where bookmakers give various odds on the same event. And they differ so much that when betting on opposite outcomes, the bettor is guaranteed to be in a profit, regardless of the game results. The player must only find the most favorable odds at different bookmakers and bet on all outcomes. The rules of Most Bet do not forbid this approach to betting.

Surebets often appear because of the huge number of bookmakers. The problem is that the manual search is a time-consuming process. Experienced players use Surebets software scanners to make the search easier. Most of them are paid, but some give several free recommendations for the day. Popular services for determining Surebets:

  • MySureBets;
  • BreakingBet;
  • Positivebet;
  • Betspan;
  • Arbmate;
  • OddStorm;
  • AllBestBets;
  • SureBet;
  • BMBets.
Surebets Scanners for Mostbet

Hack Software for Mostbet

This kind of software means all programs that allow you to hack Mostbet. Most of them are designed for hacking casino games, not for betting on sports. Such software is distributed on a paid basis. Many players claim that they make a lot of money with such programs.

Warning! The rules of the Mostbet bookmaker office forbid the use of hack software. If a client is noticed using such software, his account will be blocked. All responsibility for using hack software lies solely on the user. Therefore we do not recommend using this type of software.


Winning at Mostbet is a realistic goal. Thousands of successful clients confirm that. But don’t count on your luck. The way to a stable income is constantly improving your forecasting skills and using additional tools.

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    Hey, fellow sports enthusiasts! Let me spill the beans on how to win big at Mostbet. Research your teams, study stats, trust your gut, and embrace the thrill. Remember, it’s not just about winning; it’s the exhilaration of every play.

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