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Updated 02.01.2024

Bookmaker office Mostbet offers the best conditions for sports betting – high odds, a vast selection of sports, and various betting types. You can check it yourself by following the link Mostbet. But many newbies at the stage of getting acquainted with the bookmaker platform face the same difficulties and ask for help from the support service. So in this article, we will review the detailed instructions on how to play in Mostbet. Below you will find the basic rules of the bookmaker’s company, an explanation of the line designations, and descriptions of the types of bets.

How to bet on Mostbet

Mostbet Rules

You can read the complete list of rules of Mostbet on the official website of the bookmaker’s office. Below are the main terms for betting on sports, which you should pay attention to:

  • Mostbet accepts bets based on its Line – a list of events in different sports with odds for each outcome.
  • The stake is accepted after pressing the Place A Bet button. A confirmed stake cannot be deleted, or a prediction cannot be corrected.
  • Repeat bets on the same outcome can be limited for one user.
  • It is possible to place a bet with the amount available on the Deposit. After placing a bet, the amount indicated in the coupon is deducted from the account. In the case of winning, the amount is immediately credited to the Deposit.
  • Bets can be placed before the start of the match according to the Pregame Line or online according to the Live Line.
  • The size of the minimum bet is 10 rupees. The bookmaker determines the maximum bet amount for each sporting event individually – specified in the coupon.
  • The maximum possible winnings are 2 000 000 INR.
  • In case of bet cancellation for technical reasons, the money is refunded at odds of 1.00. For accumulators and systems, the full bet amount is refunded if one event is canceled.
  • Any bet can be rejected if the administration of the bookmaker’s office suspects the player of fraud.

How to Place a Bet in MostBet?

Instructions on how to place a bet at Mostbet

Follow the instructions below to understand how to place a bet on Mostbet. If you have already completed any steps, skip them and move on to the next.

  1. Register.

    The procedure is explained in detail in our article How to Register in Mostbet. The registration process will not take more than 3 minutes. You can register with one click, by phone number, email address, or through social networks.

  2. Log in.

    To access your personal cabinet, use the login and password you have been given at registration. Login is determined by the chosen method of registration – email, phone number, and social network account.

  3. Deposit.

    After authorization, click Deposit. Available about 20 payment services. Choose the one that is most suitable for you and transfer the money. More information about financial transactions is written in How to deposit to Mostbet.

  4. Place your first bet.

    – Go to one of the sections Line or Live. Line allows you to bet before any game. Live bets are made during the match.
    – Find the sport you want – the list is on the left side of the Line.
    – Find the required country, the championship, and the match name.
    – Click on the odds in the Line opposite the predicted outcome. The stake will appear in the coupon, which is on the right side of the Line.
    – To place a multiple bet with several predictions, add more than one outcome for different matches to the coupon.
    – Enter the bet amount – from 10 rupees.
    – Click Place a Bet button to confirm the bet. The stake is accepted after the corresponding notification appears on the screen.
    – To view your existing bets, go to Personal Account – Bets History.

  5. Withdraw your winnings.

    If you win, the money will be deposited. From that moment, you can dispose of it at your discretion – withdraw it or use it for other bets.

How to Bet in Mostbet From a Mobile Phone

How to place a bet on Mostbet from mobile phone

The above instructions are also relevant for betting on sports from a smartphone. The algorithm is the same. For betting, you can use the mobile version of the site or the application for Android or iOS. Instructions on how to install and configure the applications can be found on this website.

The only difference when using the phone is the reduced size of the window and the changed location of the functional areas of the platform:

  • To open the main menu, you need to press the button at the top left. Here you will find the Line and Live sections.
  • The list of available sports is above the Line.
  • The coupon with the selected outcomes is at the bottom of the screen. To expand the slip to the full screen, press the Events button. Specify the stake amount and press the Place a Bet button.

Line Designations

Many novice bettors can not understand the designations in the Line of Mostbet. Below we will consider the basic concepts and designations used by the bookmaker. More details about the terminology on the Mostbet platform can be read in the rules of the bookmaker company.

Types of Bets

For players, Mostbet offers three types of bets:

  • Single – a bet on the outcome of a single event. The amount of winnings is calculated as the product of the bet amount by the multiplier for this outcome. The winning is valid if the prediction comes true.
  • The Accumulator is a slip with a number of outcomes more than one. The sum of winnings is calculated similarly to the Single bet, but the final coefficient is formed by multiplying all odds for the outcomes in the slip. The bet is considered lost if at least one of the predictions does not come true. The number of events in Accumulator is unlimited, but the maximum odds can be no more than 2000. When adding more than four outcomes, Mostbet increases the final odds up to 20%.
  • System – several accumulators of the same outcomes are gathered into one group. Two numbers name each system. For example, 4/5 indicates five accumulators with four outcomes in each. The total number of outcomes is 5. If any of the five outcomes does not play, the bettor can win on other successful bets. The minimum number of outcomes to form a system is 3; the maximum is 12.

Types of Lines

Pregame line and live line

There are two types of lines for betting:

  • Pregame – bets are accepted before the start of the match. You can bet a month, a week, a day, or a few hours before the game. The dynamics of odds change are insignificant.
  • Live – bets are accepted in real-time during the game. The changing of odds is very dynamic. Often Live bets are accompanied by a video broadcast of the match.

Mostbet Bet Guide

All the outcomes in the Mostbet Line can be divided into two categories – main and additional. The main ones include:

  • W1 – the victory of the first of the participants in a sporting event;
  • X – a draw;
  • W2 – a win of the second participant;
  • Double Chance: 1X – the victory of the first team or a draw, 12 – the victory of the first or second team, X2 – a draw or win of the second team;
  • Total – game level in the numerical value set by the bookmaker. The bettor’s task is to correctly determine whether or not the team or an individual player will exceed this level. Totals may include the number of conventional units – goals, corners, points, penalty kicks, etc. The Line is labeled as Total Over and Total Under.
  • Handicap – an artificial lag or superiority of any of the participants in the game. The bettor must correctly predict whether the selected team will reach a set level.

To view additional types of bets, it is necessary to click on the name of the match. A complete list of markets will open, among which will be:

  • The exact score of the match;
  • Number of corners;
  • Number of goals scored;
  • Which of the players will score a goal;
  • A number of penalty kicks, etc.

The specific list of outcomes is determined for each sport individually. The more popular the game among the fans, the more markets are available. For TOP events the number of outcomes can exceed 1000.

Instructionts on How to Use Mostbet Betting Options

The bookmaker company offers unique betting features that competitors do not have. These options allow you to increase winnings, minimize risks and increase the game’s attractiveness. Below we will look at the most popular of these features.

One-click Bet

For fans of high-speed betting, Mostbet offers a unique feature – A one-click bet. It allows you to bet with one click. To activate this feature, press the button on the betting slip next to the corresponding name. Then you need to enter the amount, which will be used as a bet. To place a one-click bet is enough to click on any coefficient in the Line, and the bet will be placed without another user’s confirmation. You can use a One-click bet only for single bets.

One-click bet

Accumulator of the Day

Mostbet offers a daily selection of accumulators for pregame and live. You can find the current offers on the main page at the bottom. The coupon already indicated matches and outcomes on them. Nothing can be changed. The user only has to specify the amount and confirm the bet. The chance of winning on such a bet is very high. In addition, the bookmaker increases the final odds by at least 5%.

Accumulator of the Day in Mostbet


If you add four or more outcomes with odds higher than 1.20, the bookmaker increases the final odds. The more sporting events involved in one betting event, the higher the bonus from Mostbet. The maximum additional odds is 1.20.

Express-Booster in Mostbet

Bet Insurance

The insurance function allows you to reduce losses if your prediction turns out wrong. To activate this option, go to Bets History, select the desired bet and click Insurance. The amount of Insurance will be indicated in the coupon. You can insure a part of the bet amount – from 1% to 50%. When winning on a coupon, the full amount is credited to the user’s Deposit. If a prediction turns out wrong, the insured sum will be added to the player’s account.

What is insure in Mostbet?

Bet Buyback

This option is used for calculating bets before the end of all the events, the outcomes of which are added to the slip. The Buyback allows you to fix your losses in case of an incorrect prediction or to make a profit before the end of the game. The size of the Buyback depends on the match result at the moment of function activation. To apply for Buyback, go to the Bets History section.

Bet Buyback in Mostbet

How to Check Bets

After the player confirms, the bet is entered into the Mostbet database. Changing or canceling a bet after it has been placed is impossible. You can get acquainted with all the transactions in the personal cabinet – the section Bets History. Here you can see the history of the account’s time.

To view the results and check any coupon, follow the instructions:

  • Authorize on the Mostbet website.
  • Go to Personal Account – Bets History.
  • Use the filter system to find the desired coupon. You can specify the exact date, period, bet type, exact coupon number, or status.
  • Click Show. The table with the coupons matching the filters will appear below.
  • Click on a coupon you are interested in. The electronic copy will be displayed with all details of the bet.


The bookmaker company Mostbet offers customers a simple and functional interface of the sports betting platform. This allows every beginner to quickly figure out how to play. If you have any questions about sports betting, use the instructions above. If you do not find the information you need – contact the company’s support team or write your question below in the comments to this article.


How to play Mostbet?

Register and log in. Choose an event. Click on the line odds to add events to your betting slip. If you want to bet on an accumulator, add more than one event to your betting slip. Fill in the stake and click Place a Bet.

Where can I see my bet at MostBet?

To view your placed bets, go to Personal Account – Bets History.

What is W1 and W2 in Mostbet?

– W1 – the victory of the first team or the individual player.
– W2 – the victory of the second team or player.
– X – draw.

What is insured in Mostbet?

The Insure in Mostbet is a feature for minimizing your risk. Every player can insure a part of the bet. In the case of winning the bet, the player will get the full amount, except for the Insurance. If he loses, the player will get the insured amount on Deposit.

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